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Vehicles that can be taken with a driving license b

The driving license B is the most requested in all driving schools. With it you have access to cars, so it is the permit that everyone seeks to obtain when they enter a driving school for the first time.

However, this permit gives us the possibility of driving other vehicles, of a different nature. Despite being the driving license that we all usually have at home, many of us do not know which vehicles we can drive with the B driving license.

Today we are going to see with the class B license that other vehicles can be driven in addition to passenger cars and thus know what our possibilities are after passing the B driving license.

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Automobiles and trailers

With the driving license B you will have the possibility to drive cars whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 3,500 kg. These vehicles must be designed and built to transport, at most, up to 8 people, in addition to the seat occupied by the driver.

The B permit also allows you to drive with coupled vehicles, always with a towing vehicle. The trailer must have a maximum authorized mass that does not exceed 750 kg in any case, provided that the maximum authorized mass of the set, of both vehicles, does not exceed 4,250 kg. Therefore, with the permit, you can drive a car with a trailer that weighs less than 750 kg of maximum authorized mass (MMA).

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Vehicles with two, three and four wheels

With the B driving license, you can also drive some vehicles with two and three wheels, and others with four different to passenger cars.

The driving license B allows the driving of mopeds and motorcycles with a displacement of up to 125 cc, a maximum output power of 11 kW and their power / mass ratio not exceeding 0.1 kW / kg. This would be the same as what can be obtained with the A1 permit, although obtaining the B permit does not grant you the A1 permit.

We can also drive and circulate with light tricycles and quadricycles, such as quads. In the case of tricycles, as they exceed 15kW of maximum power, it will not be until we are 21 years old that we can drive them, even if we have obtained the B driving license when we are 18 years old.

Special vehicles

A series of special vehicles can also be driven by obtaining a B driving license. To better treat them, we are going to divide them into two large, well-differentiated groups, special agricultural vehicles and special non-agricultural vehicles.

Special non-agricultural vehicles

For non-agricultural special vehicles, the B driving license allows and authorizes the driving of vehicles and vehicle sets that do not exceed the maximum authorized speed of 40 km / h, provided that the maximum authorized mass does not exceed 3500 kg.

Neither of these two limits can be exceeded, neither the maximum speed, nor the maximum mass. In order to drive specialty vehicles or non-agricultural specialty vehicle assemblies that exceed these limitations, a different driving license will be required. As a rule, they will be the C or C1 driving licenses, which will correspond to the highest maximum authorized mass of the vehicles.

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Special agricultural vehicles

Thanks to obtaining the B driving license, we will be authorized to drive all kinds of special self-propelled agricultural vehicles. With this registration certificate, also we have a valid permit to conduct joint special agricultural vehicles of any kind.

Tractors, combine harvesters, trailers, etc., all special agricultural functions vehicles are permitted to achieving the legistration certificate B.

As you can see, there are many vehicles that can be driven thanks to obtaining the B driving license.

Although most people get it for being able to drive cars, this license allows us great flexibility and many possibilities when it comes to handling different types of vehicles, which can make things easier for us on many occasions.

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