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What is efficient driving?

The driving style that we have in our vehicle will influence to a large extent the consumption of our car, since various customs and vices that we have with the car increase fuel consumption and the deterioration of vehicle parts.

By reducing fuel consumption, we will also reduce the emission of gases towards the ozone layer, so efficient driving will help us safeguard our environment, being more environmentally friendly and taking care of the, already worrying, current situation.

In addition, efficient and preventive driving will help us improve our safety and that of other vehicles on the road. It is important that we have a conduction according to what happens on the road, and to the characteristics of the agents who come together at the time of driving.

At Autoescuela Marbesula, we have the best experts driving school who can teach you efficient driving so that you can apply it to your driving from now on. Now, we are going to review what efficient driving is, its benefits and how we can improve driving techniques.

Benefits of efficient driving

Carrying out an efficient and preventive driving we will obtain a series of important benefits, in our health and economic well-being, as well as the well-being of our vehicle, and of our environment.

Efficient driving is economical driving. We will reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, and our pockets will notice it. In the long run, it can be one of the most impressive benefits in our day to day life, since the money that you can save will be noticed in your daily economy on a constant basis.

You will improve your driving techniques, with which you will achieve greater dexterity at the wheel and, therefore, greater safety in your transfers. This is another important point, since the safer you feel and the better you drive, you can avoid a greater number of accidents and this benefit will affect us all.

un persona realizando una conducci贸n eficiente

By obtaining safety at the wheel, you will also obtain greater peace of mind, so you will reduce your stress level when you are driving your vehicle. This can greatly affect your well-being, since today we know that driving in one of the activities where we stress the most and the calmer and safer we drive, the better quality of life we will gain.

As we have mentioned before, efficient driving helps in our deal with the environment. You will be able to reduce the emission of CO2 and you will also reduce the level of noise pollution. All this will influence our environment and the difficult struggle we have today with climate change.

Safety and road safety

One of the strengths of efficient and preventive driving is road safety. By mastering the driving techniques that economical driving offers us, we will be able to go safe on the roads, and we will drastically reduce the number of accidents that occur on them.

There are several points of economical driving that will help us increase road safety. For example, maintain good safety distances so that we always have space to spend a sufficient reaction time.

Another thing that will help us is to maintain a constant average speed, reducing the peak speeds that occur on the tours.

And, of course, the most important thing is to be careful and exercise preventive driving in anticipation of everything that may happen on the road. Everything that happens around our vehicle can lead to an accident, by being vigilant and acting preventively we can avoid many of the accidents that occur today.

una persona cargando su coche

Improve driving techniques

Efficient driving is based on improving the techniques we have when driving to obtain all the benefits that we have seen. We are now going to see some techniques in which we can improve so that our driving is as efficient and preventive as possible.

  • Do not use first gear other than to get out: you have to put in the second gear after a couple of seconds of having started with our vehicle or after 5-6 meters traveled.
  • Anticipate gear changes: you must accelerate progressively, without stepping on the pedal abruptly. In gasoline engines, it is advisable to change gear between 1500 and 2500 revolutions. In diesel engines, the revolutions when changing gear should be between 1300 and 2000.
  • Use high gears at low revs for as long as possible: as long as it does not suppose any type of risk, of course, and that you can maintain control over the vehicle and time for your response if you need it.
  • Moderate speed: for efficient driving we must moderate our speed, this will increase road safety and significantly lower fuel consumption.
  • Get used to using the engine brake: when you decelerate, take your foot off the accelerator and leave the vehicle in gear, so the engine will act as a brake.

At Autoescuela Marbesula we teach you all the principles of efficient driving, so that you get out of here driving in the best possible way; the safest, cheapest and least polluting. Get in touch with us at and come see our driving school. Do not miss this opportunity.


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